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Our company specializes in providing Holter monitors for patients in the New York City and Long Island area.

Holter monitoring is used to diagnose cardiac irregularities that occur over irregular periods of time. Your heart may not beat irregularly when you are sitting in your doctor’s examination room, but as soon as you get home again, you may experience an episode of dizziness. Holter monitors were designed to capture exactly these sorts of events.

The device consists of a small computerized recorder that is typically worn on your belt. The Holter monitor can also be worn across your shoulder if you prefer.

Electrocardiogram patches are attached to your chest. Leads are then attached to the patches, which run into the Holter device. The patches do not hurt at all, and the monitoring process is completely pain free. You should be able to sleep without difficulty wearing the Holter device.

You will remain attached to the Holter monitor for a 24 hour period. During this time, you’re encouraged to participate in all of your normal activities. Some Holter devices are waterproof, but others are not. Check with your cardiologist or cardiac nurse to see if you need to refrain from bathing, showering or swimming while wearing the Holter device.

Doctors recommend that you keep a diary of your activities during this 24 hour period. That way they will be able to see if specific activities are linked to cardiac irregularities. Some recorders also feature buttons you can push whenever you feel not quite right. Often these episodes of distress are correlated with a cardiac arrhythmia.