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About Us | Suffolk Cardiac Monitoring - Copiague, NY
In 1987, Salvatore Cipriani was a talented young EKG technician working for a local Veterans Administration hospital when he came up with an idea for an innovative new business model. Why not provide outsourced Holter Monitoring services?

These services would maintain the highest quality of monitoring while providing the opportunity for Physicians,clinics and Hospitals to receive more personalized attention and better serve there patients

Years later, the result of Salvatore Cipriani’s vision is Suffolk Cardiac Monitoring, an outsourced ambulatory monitoring service. The company works both with human beings and with their beloved animal companions.

When you work with our company, you have the choice of paying a flat monthly fee or paying per holter. We believe we can help by offering highly competitive processing fees, offer volume discounts, and/or static monthly fees to better manage your expenses. Fees start at $25 USD per Holter. Your contract with our company entitles you to work with a certified Holter technician, software that can quickly spot read the results of the monitoring, a secure database and HIPPA-approved transmission capacities to send and receive data quickly.

All staff working with our company is fully versed in EKG, arrhythmia analysis and Holter monitor techniques. They must pass stringent certification examinations and are required to participate in continuing education and recertification programs. Data collection procedures follow guidelines and protocols approved by cardiac medicine experts. All results are rigorously reviewed by the company’s quality assurance staff.
Our company’s animal services are renowned throughout the country. Our company has worked hand in hand with veterinarians, veterinarian cardiologists, and breeders nationwide for over 20 years.

There are three advantages to using an outsourced ambulatory monitoring facility: cost, convenience and patient satisfaction.

• Our company allows hospitals and doctors’ offices to reduce their capital expenditure budgets because they no longer have to maintain equipment for running Holter tests and other types of EKG services

• Our company allows hospitals and doctors’ offices to invest their human resource budgets in other types of necessary patient services

• Our company reports its results on the web within hours of the tests’ completion. They are available for cardiologists and other physicians to review wherever they are.

• Our staff is experts in the field of ambulatory monitoring and other types of cardiac testing. They are able to offer an unsurpassed level of personalized service to patients.

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