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A Holter monitor is a portable device that can measure the heart’s electrical activity over an interval of time. It records every heartbeat during that time, which gives physicians clues as to the sorts of activities that are triggering abnormal heartbeats. It’s often prescribed when a cardiologist detects abnormal heart sounds during a clinical examination, or if he or she presents with a history of syncope (fainting.)

For many years, Suffolk Cardiac Monitoring has been providing Holter monitoring and other diagnostic cardiac services to the residents of New York City and Long Island. Our innovative technology also allows us to deliver telemetry services to tourists and business travelers who need these interventions, allowing results to be reviewed by their own personal physicians at home. Additionally we provide ambulatory monitoring services for pets that allow your veterinarian to determine the right course of cardiac treatment for your animal companion.

The company works closely with physicians, providing them with the treatment information they need in record time through our secure online platform. To find out how Suffolk Cardiac Monitoring can improve the patient care you deliver while cutting your overhead costs, call (631) 842-3037 today.